Steve has gone home

At least I think he has. He left for the airport yesterday and then called me.

“My flight’s been delayed. To Wednesday.”

I uttered an impolite questioning phrase.

“No warning, no notice. Just a new itinerary.”

Anyway, they got him on a flight for this morning, in theory. Because he was flying out of Newark, he decided to stay in the hotel out there. I think he’s on his way home now.

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8 Responses

  1. -e-

    Hmm, sounds eerily familiar to me. A certain airline, with a color in it’s name, once cancelled my flight out of new york and took FOUR DAYS to get me on another flight! I don’t use that airline anymore.

  2. Mike F

    That stinks! I hope he made it. I work in the industry, I won’t say for who, but I hope it wasn’t us. No company should do things like that without notification. I’m sorry it happened.

    1. Mary Robinette Kowal

      It was really the lack of notification that sucked. Granted, we should have confirmed the flight before he got on the train to go out there, but the technology exists now for airlines to easily update flight status with an automated phone message. We got nothing.

  3. Kate Yule

    Delta has dutifully updated me twice on itinerary changes for a June trip to Mexico. The most recent emailed itinerary includes a six-minute layover at LAX.

    Because of flakiness on the part of the event I’m supposedly going to, I haven’t decided yet whether to arm-wrestle with Delta for a different itinerary, or a refund.