“Real Age”

Frank Wu pointed out this webpage that will tell you what your real age is, as opposed to your biological age.

Apparently, I’m only 16 and will live to 97. Gee! Does that mean I get to have a sweet sixteen party and get my driver’s license?

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8 Responses

  1. -e-

    Hmmm… some pretty softball questions here… I come in at 23 years old seemingly because I don’t smoke or paraglide and am happily married…

  2. Fabulous Girl

    I’m only 15, but will live to 92 – if we plan well, we can host a joint funeral!

  3. David Loftus

    The ranges are interesting. I’m apparently 32.2 and headed for 91.8.

    By the way, last week I posted comments to several of the old “Reading Aloud” threads; I notice most of them and the most recent comments below are the better part of a year old, so unless your site is automatically notifying you of new activity, you might not have been aware of my invasion. I commented on Reading Aloud items 2, 4, and 13.