Rag and Bone

The show that I’ve been working on most recently is at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and called Rag and Bone, written by Noah Haidle and directed by Sam Gold.

I watched a preview last night and am delighted to let you know that the hearts I made and the twenty tiny ladders make total sense within the context of the play.

Check out their blurb.

Jeff and George, mourning the death of their mother, struggle to make ends meet at the family ladder store, which George also utilizes as a front for the black market sale of human hearts, hearts bought and sold for people who either feel nothing or too damn much!

Previews Begin: November 14
Special Preview Benefit: November 19
For benefit information and tickets, click this link
Opening Night: November 20
Runs through December 16
Wed – Sat at 8pm, Sun at 5pm
For tickets, call 212-868-4444 or click this link

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3 Responses

  1. Rob Kimbro

    Rattlestick was the first place I did any work in NYC back in 2001 (evaluating script submissions and later directing a reading). I was always impressed with the people there. Glad to know they’re still doing good work

  2. Tricia V

    The blurb almost piques my interest, but takes me too far afield. Is it allegory? Is it surreal? I’m not sure if those are the questions to be raised, which will either be answered quickly or not, and if they aren’t answered I will be quite put out.