Orycon Schedule reminder

Here’s my schedule for Orycon. Come see me!

Fri Nov 17
2:00:pm Constructive Critiquing
4:00:pm Other Worlds or the Same Ol’, Same Ol’?

Sat Nov 18
10:00:am We Don’t Need Another Hero
11:00:am Remember to Breathe- The Secrets Behind Great Public Readings (Workshop on reading aloud)
1:00:pm Turkey Readings
4:00:pm Juggling Jobs: Survival Tips for the Beginning Writer
7:00 pm Shimmer Magazine Party

Sun Nov 19
12:00:pm The Great Writers Blog
1:30:pm Reading: Mary Robinette Kowal – Salt of the Earth
2:00:pm Love, Romance, Dark Passion and Crossing the Genre Lines
3:00:pm How to Write About Something You Know Nothing About

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