Life in the City

Sarah, Jodi, Sam and I hung around in Greenwich Village and the East Village for most of the afternoon. We took Sarah to Pizza in a real NYC pizza joint (recommended by a native) and then to have a canoli. Good fun.

As I was heading back up to catch the train for Katonah, I had a bit of time to kill so I stopped in Union Square and wrote for a bit. When it started to rain, I decided that it was time to catch the subway, so I headed down to catch the 4,5,6. There was a huge crowd on the overpass looking down at the platform. As I came up, three cops came running flat out and yelling “outta the way!” It turns out that someone had been hit by the subway. I didn’t see much, although it was hard not to rubber-neck like the rest of the crowd. There’s something about an accident that just pulls ones attention. I don’t know why. It’s not like I wanted to see a tragedy, but there seems to be something hardwired in to turn and look at accidents.

They carried him out on a stretcher, so I think he was still alive.

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