Heading upstate

Rob and I are embarking on a four-hour motorcycle trip. I’ve got my cellphone, but coverage is spotty.
I will be without internet access until Monday. So, while I’m gone, here’s a question for you.

If you could have your ideal retreat, what would it include?

Me? Clean, cool, quiet. Wi-fi, plenty of outlets, good food and a massage therapist.

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6 Responses

  1. -e-

    I heartily endorse your decision to join Rob for the upstate jaunt… glad the motorcycle is repaired and ready for the trip. Of course, I second -d- as well… sure would be swell to have you here for the IPNC too!

  2. -e-

    Oh, and my ideal retreat? Cool breezes, good books, shade near a body of water, no clocks, no children asking what’s for dinner. Oh, and fireflies… Must have fireflies.

  3. momk

    -e- You could come and visit us, but we have no
    fireflies. Maybe you could bring a few in a
    jelly jar? We have all the rest of your desires.

    1. -e-

      Alas, momk, we have no fireflies in portland either… one of the few drawbacks to living here, so that jelly jar remains empty. Besides, one of the last things Hawaii needs is yet another non native species!