Fish: The to-do list

FishI thought you might be interested in seeing what the to-do list on a puppet build looks like. This is the one for the fish. Bear in mind as you look at the list that we have to build sixteen of them.

Things in bold mean that anyone can do them.

  1. Ask office about painting in parking lot. – Emily
  2. Spray glue on all foam and dry it.
  3. Design belly paint – Emily
  4. Call Brickman’s – paint – Emily
    • 1. Design Master 1 can Blueberry
    • 2. Beltone Molatov Premium – Goldfish (brooklyn or Pearl Paint) or TerraCotta 1 can
    • 3. Krylon Special Purpose Florescent Green 3106 need 3 cans
    • 4. Krylon OSHA special purpose Safety Yellow
    • 5. Fireproofing spray
  5. Pick up spray paint.
  6. Pattern fish tails and fins with accordion folds – Mary
  7. Cut fish tails and fins
  8. Split fish heads – Erika
  9. Cut spacers for heads
  10. install headspacers
  11. Paint inside of thirty eyeballs
  12. Pattern eyelids – Mary
  13. Cut eyelids
  14. Test rod placement – Mary
  15. 16 10″ rods cut and sanded from bamboo
  16. cut 16 wedges for rod placement, see pattern.
  17. Install rods
  18. Check girl lips – Emily
  19. Pattern fish lips – Mary
  20. Cut fish lips
  21. Look at inside of eyeball color – Emily
  22. Finish sewing bellies – Sarah
  23. Paint bellies – Jane
  24. Assemble fish
    • 1. Head to spine
    • 2. Belly pulled on
    • 3. Attach belly to head
    • 4. Attach belly to spine
    • 5. Attach lips
    • 6. Attach eyes (No heat after eyes attached!)
    • 7. Attach eyelids
    • 8. Additional painting
    • 9. Attach fins

In the photo at the top, the fins are pinned on and we still need to do the additional painting. We have five fish at this state. The rest should be finished fairly quickly tomorrow.

There’s another to-do list, like this one, for the crocodile and leopard which we are also making.

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4 Responses

  1. Vy

    Man, it’s been years, and I took so many art classes.

    I know I’ve made Gleeps. In third grade we made marionettes with segmented egg-carton-piece bodies, big googly eyes, tissue paper boa legs, and jar-lid feet. Gleeps look a bit like ostriches.

    In the puppet class I remember lots of glue and Muppet-like materials. Felt, fuzzy stuff, and so on. I think I made a hand puppet and another marionette?