AMC – Shopping for a Pet? Consider These Fantasy Movie Creatures

My column at AMC is up and this time we cover the question of pets in fantasy. Also I’m happy to announce that my column now has a title — Reel Fantasy. Many thanks to Berry who suggested it when I asked for help. Drop me a line with your mailing address and I’ll send a treat over.

Meanwhile, here’s a teaser from Reel Fantasy.

This holiday season children in countless homes across the country are begging for their first pet (Barack Obama, I’m looking at you). Parents, you know the drill — you might have even been through it before, once upon a time. Sure you could go the puppy, kitten, goldfish route. But if you suspect your child is destined for fantastic, heroic things, perhaps you’d rather pick a pet with a little more pizazz. You see, the pets in fantasy films are more than just low-IQ companions; they play a vital role in the lives of the heroes. So if you want your child to survive his or her epic adventure, you might just want to consult this buyer’s guide for fantasy pets.

Swing over to AMC and let me know what your fantasy pet would be.

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