A mere thirteen hours later

So… let’s recap today. Pilot overslept. Then thunderstorms. Still no pilot. Plane delayed by two hours. Miss D.C. connection. Rebooked on a flight for 6:15 am the next day. Sad. Get standby flight. Happy! Flight is delayed. Why? LaGuardia wasn’t letting flights in. Sad. Finally arrive in NYC. All buses are running! Happy! All buses Except mine. Sad.

I think, if I’m doing accounting for the timezone right, it took me thirteen hours to get home today.

And then! I made props and went to the theater to watch the dress rehearsal. Happy? Bed now. Happy!!!

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8 Responses

  1. Mike F

    Yikes! Now that was a bad travel story. I can’t imagine having the energy to do anything but sleep after a day like that.

  2. John Charny

    A belated congrantulations on being elected. It sounds like it will give you lots of great opportunities to meet people. At least you got home in one piece. I hope you had several good books to read while waiting.