A giant moth

I got a phone call last night that went something like this. “You were recommended to us and I’m calling to see if you had time to build a giant moth this week for our show.”

“Maybe. What’s the actual due date?”


I laughed, knowing what the last minute pressure of a show is like. “No, really.”

“Tomorrow. I know. We thought our prop builder could do it, but it turns out that we need a puppet builder.”

Yay! While it’s frustrating that the build is now at the last minute, I’m delighted that they now understand the difference between a puppet and a prop. The two have many overlapping qualities but are not the same.

I went down and met with them last night and agreed to do the build but explained that I wouldn’t be able to deliver until Thursday. So now I’m off to shop and then to build a giant moth.

By the way, when I say “giant” I mean the size of a kitten with wings, not Mothra.

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8 Responses

  1. strugglingwriter

    I guess it would be nice when work comes looking for you, right, though that deadline is a little extreme.

    I too was picturing a Mothra size construction before you cleared it up in the last sentence 🙂

  2. Lon

    Oh, but don’t you know that is how big Mothra really was. You should know from showbiz: the camera always adds 10 stories… 😉