The Wind

The weather was lovely today, but incredibaly windy. I went for a walk, and the wind grabbed me as soon as I came out the door. It ushered me all the way into town, pushing me when I wasn’t going fast enough and stopping me in my tracks when it wanted to show me something. Sometimes the wind would spin me around like it wanted to dance.

Sam Paden’s Gallery Opening

The highlight today was Sam Paden’s gallery opening. He’s going to be reviewed on Wednesday in the Grapevine, which is the English language newspaper.

Afterwards I went shopping with Suzy and found a coat that I fell in love with. Today was Taxfree day, so the stores weren’t charging tax for anything that was made in Iceland. Pretty neat, huh?

Playing Tourist

Suzy, an friend of Sam and Jodi’s from Portland, was in town this week. I know her from Tapestry Theater, but this was the first time that I’d spent any time with her. The four of us went to the Turf Cottage for lunch. It’s delightful, and has a really wonderful fish soup. You see a lot of turf on rooves here, and this is a really picturesque example.

The Turf Cottage is just below the Pearl, which is one of the tourist destinations in Reykjavik. It’s a revolving restaurant built on top of four hot water tanks.

We didn’t eat there, but we did go up to the observation deck for a view of the city.

As we walked back down we went through a small forest covering the hill that the Pearl is on. By small, I don’t mean the area of ground that it covers, I mean the height of the trees. The lava bunnies in this photo are the size of your average small rabbit. That gives you an idea of how big the “trees” are, doesn’t it.

All the rabbits in Iceland are black, because they blend with the lava better. There are no predators in Iceland, except a very small population of artic foxes, so the rabbits are not particuarly timid.

A Day Off

Somewhat surprisingly, I have today off. I’ve been revising and printing out manuscripts of short stories and now I’m off to the post office to mail them. Postcards too!

Package from home!

I just got a package from Hawaii with some very yummy cookies. Thank you, Pat! I might share them with my fellow puppeteers, if they’re nice.


I was right. We didn’t work until 4:00 yesterday, but then we were in for the rest of the day, so that was nice. I was frustrated because there was a series of shots that were difficult but didn’t look hard. It was mostly about finding a place where I could reach the things that I had to handle, without looking like the puppet’s elbows were dislocated.

We had yoga again this morning. I’m enjoying it. One of the interesting things I’m noticing is that some of the stretches have no impact on me. Mostly the ones involving the arms and shoulders. I guess that’s a side effect of the puppetry. On the other hand, anything that involves my hamstrings is excrutiating. I can curl up into a tiny ball, but don’t ask me to bend at the waist with straight legs. It’s just comical.

Clever me.

When Raymond dropped me off last night, I realized–after he pulled away–that I’d left my purse at the studio in our hurry to leave. I had no keys, no phone, no money. Fortunately Reykjavik is small, so I walked to the Fron, where David lives, borrowed his car keys to drive to the studio and pick up my purse. By the time I got back it was 7:00, which is when we normally leave. Sure am glad we got off early yesterday.

We weren’t called until 10:00 today, and I would be surprised if we worked before lunch time.

Doin’ nuthin’

Yep. We’re being sent home early because there’s nothing for us to do today. Bye!

Sleeping in.

We weren’t called until 11:15 today, so I skipped yoga. None of us have anything to do yet, so I’m going to head back to the puppet shop to play with the hand puppets some more.

Nothing to do

Today, Raymond, Thor and I were the only puppeteers called. We did one shot and have done nothing since. Fortunately, Jonathan Judge (our new director) chose today to present us with a cheap set of Punch and Judy hand puppets, which we’ve been cheerfully modifying all day into the cast of the show. I’ll post a picture when they are finished.

Fall colors

People keep telling me that I need to get out and see the fall colors. I keep thinking, “How? You have no trees here.” I went on a walk with Richard Wolanski, which mostly involves walking a few feet and then stopping to take pictures.
These were all taken around Thingvellir.

The landscape looked like someone had come along and rolled out a giant oriental carpet.

We travelled around in one of the company cars

It’s hard to tell, but the moss covering these rocks is so deep that I can push my index finger in all the way to the palm, and just touch rock. It’s like walking on a mattress.

It was actually fairly chilly.

The colors were mostly from the low blueberry bushes and the moss. I’ve got the camera very close to the ground here.

At the end of the day we got a rainbow.


I work with really nice people. I was a little nervous because I’d invited thirty people over and only thought they would all fit, but hadn’t tested it. It was great; my apartment has a perfect configuration for parties because all the rooms open off of a center foyer. The foyer is fairly large so people can spill from one area to the next with no problems.

We had a lot of food, and I’d been told that Icelanders always show up with a bottle of wine when they go to parties because of how expensive alcohol is. Yep. Every group that arrived had a beverage and it was all consumed by the time people left at three a.m.

The Menu
Hummus with Pita Toasts
Dried Apricots with Goat Cheese and Pistachios
Antipasto-stuffed Baguettes
Spinach Tortolini with Pesto
Three Bean Salad
Cheese and Crackers (Raclette, Taleggio, Gorgonzola, and Norwegian Brie)
Spinach Dip in Bread Bowl and Veggies
Chips and Salsa

The spinach dip was a huge hit because it doesn’t exist out here. I had an interesting time in the grocery store trying to find the right packet of soup mix. Shopping in a foreign language is always fun.


I went to have my hair cut today at and feel pretty good about it. I like the cut, but I’m worried about working in it, because Sigrunn didn’t completely believe me when i said that I had to tuck my hair behind my ears. There’s nothing quite as bad as having hair in your eyes when your arms are jammed in a puppet.

I’m having company tonight for a housewarming, that’s why there are wine glasses on the sideboard behind me. Speaking of, I need to go cook!

Balancing Icecream

I’ve just been practising balancing a quadruple scoop fake icecream on a cone. Ah, the joys of puppetry.

In a related story, I don’t think I’ve mentioned that Fridays we have icecream at lunch. They don’t normally serve dessert, so everyone gets very happy about icecream Friday. It’s like we’re all kids again.

Jumping rope

I spent this morning trying to jump rope as Ziggy’s live arms. This is actually really, really hard because the rope has to be two separate pieces in order to get past the puppeteer, but I had to spin them in synchronization over my head with the ends swinging out of frame. It was really hard.

Then I had to play basketball and football. I’m sure you all know how good I am at that, being the avid sportswoman that I am…