Writers Workshop- Portland Parks and Recreation-Starts July 1st

Doug Lain is teaching a six week writers workshop through the Woodstock Community Center and Portland Parks and Recreation starting on July 1st. The course will be run on the Milford Model, but will also feature presentations on aspects of writing from various local writers, including me. The full lineup of guest speakers is: Jay Lake, …

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On being Mrs. Kowal

I spent the day teaching puppetry up in Fremont at James Leitch Elementary. One of the interesting things about schools is that they all have different name structures for the teachers. In some I’m Mary, usually Miss Mary, and sometimes Mrs. Kowal. I always use the married version of the honorific when I’m filling out …

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WorldCon 2009 schedule

. . I’m heading up to Montreal for Anticipation, the 2009 WorldCon. Here is my convention schedule. Thursday Twitter, Facebook, My Space: Social Media and Writing 14:00, P-513B What’s all the buzz about the new social media? Writing short-short-short stories on Twitter??? Good grief! Is this networking or a new way to write? Can tweets …

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Maskmaking workshop this October by GoblinArts studio

Goblin Art Studio is offering three-day maskmaking workshops this October. I met the instructor, Monica Roxburgh, when she interned with my puppet theater lo these many years ago. I remember looking at her mask portfolio and thinking she was overqualified for the internship because, dang, she was really good. I’m glad to see her teaching. …

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In Portland, at Bone Manor

It’s too late and complicated to explain why my hosts’ home has that moniker. Meanwhile, the workshop is over. It was good to see old friends and make new ones. I’m exhausted and it will take awhile for me to finish processing the weekend. At the moment, I am headed for slumber.

At the Historic Anchor Inn

I’m at the Historic Anchor Inn for the workshop and my room is fabulous. Seriously. It’s a two room suite with fun tiki themed decor. Now, as a special treat, see that link? There are two live webcams of the hotel. On the way down with Ken Scholes, Jen West and Alethea Kontis we stopped …

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On my way to Oregon

. . I’m in the airport in Cincinatti waiting for my connection to Portland.  I’ll spend the day in town and then head down to Lincoln City for a writing workshop hosted by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch.  Their guest instructor is Sheila Williams.  As you might imagine, I’m excited about this. Even …

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At LaGuardia on the way to Codex Writers’ Workshop

I somehow forgot to tell you about this, I think. Codex Writer’s Group is an online group for neo-pro writers. To be a member, you have to have made a pro-sale or attended one of the big audition only workshops ((Clarion, Odyssey, OSC’s BootCamp, etc.)) which means that it’s chock-full of some very talented writers. …

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