Kinko’s again

4:36 a.m. I have printed the Irvington Home Tour Program Book minus three ads, which I cannot open. I will continue working with their designers during the day to find a way to get their ads into the program. But, at least we can proof everything else.


We closed the workshop and everything went great. Chris is doing a rewrite of the script. Emily and I will begin to design in earnest after that.


The workshop performances of Arabian Nights continue to go well. I’m happy with the twist that I added to the design last night and I showed my rough sketches to the gang. They all seem to like them. We’ll see if it works as I start to get into the nitty gritty details. Oh. Mom …

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Late Arabian Nights

Well, I’m having fun working on this, but it’s like making the world’s largest set model. I’m designing everything at full-scale, which is kind of wierd. But okay, I guess. Here’s one of the drawings I did last night. Sorry it’s fuzzy, I’m tired and didn’t feel like taking another one.

Washington again

I don’t like this airport. Or at least, I don’t like Concourse G. It is a warehouse that seems designed to hold cattle more than people. Ick. But my flight is not cancelled even though it is snowing here. Tally ho!

Hitting the wall

Emily and I had a breakthrough yesterday, but then today I felt like I ran smack into a wall of creativity. I finally realized that it had two causes. 1) I was trying to design and build the show at the same time. 2) Emily tends towards abstraction in her design while I tend towards …

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A brief recap

The design work is going well although Emily and I are both exhausted from the long hours. She had her wisdom teeth pulled a couple of days before I got here and it was a major job. (I, of course, will not go into the gory details here.) She went into the surgeon today and …

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