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Paper Forest, which is fast becoming one of my favorite blogs, linked to this series of photos of Moneygami. You remember doing this, right? Making a frog out of a dollar bill. There’s a whole new level of skill happening with these. In particular, check out the way the graphics on the money gets reinvented

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Paper dresses

Oh my heavens. Look at the beautiful paper work that Paper Forest found. The whole collection is stunning and interesting, both as fashion (Rob loves it) and as cut paper art. In the photos of the catwalk, the last series shows the models tearing the dresses off. On the one hand, I wince, but on

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Paper Robots!

The new They Might Be Giants Video uses paper robots in a really delightful animation that should feed your steampunk, robot, paper, animation loving impulses. It’s good. You’ll like it. I particularly like the robot gladiators. Spotted at the Paper Forest

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I am represented by Seth Fishman of the Gernert Company Novels The Lady Astronaut Universe The Calculating Stars — Tor Books (July 3, 2018) Hugo and Nebula WinnerThe Fated Sky — Tor Books (August 21, 2018)The Relentless Moon — Tor Books (July 14 2020) The Glamourist Histories Shades of Milk and Honey — Tor Books (August

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Craig’s List

Thanks to the wonder of Craig’s list I now have two assistants, one of which has built a set of Audrey II’s before. We had a very productive day and I’m feeling like we might actually finish all of the parts ontime. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’m starting to feel like

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Playing Tourist

Suzy, an friend of Sam and Jodi’s from Portland, was in town this week. I know her from Tapestry Theater, but this was the first time that I’d spent any time with her. The four of us went to the Turf Cottage for lunch. It’s delightful, and has a really wonderful fish soup. You see

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