Where to Find Mary Robinette in February

Welcome to February!

As usual, I have a few Patreon events and other appearances this month, all of which are below. My goal this month is to try to keep things a bit more relaxed – December was certainly a hectic month for me, and I’m only now starting to truly recover from it. Daily rituals (like doing my Wordle!) have been helpful, and I’ve been continuing to work with Elsie on her buttons.

On the Patreon side, I do have one piece of exciting news. Through the end of February, all subscribers at the $25 or above tiers will receive a limited edition Bradbury Base mug. If you’re a new subscriber, you’ll also receive the original Lady Astronaut mug later on! So that’s new mugs for everyone, plus the original mug for new folks as well. Here is the design:

Further, if you subscribe on an annual basis rather than a monthly basis, you will receive a ten percent discount – roughly one month free. You also get access to all previous class recordings, meaning that you won’t have to wait until my next class to benefit from your subscription. I hope you decide to join us!

And now, for my full February calendar:

Patreon Writing Date with Mary Robinette

February 02, 2022— 8pm to 9:30pm Eastern

Join me for monthly online writing dates! I’ll open a Zoom session at 8PM Eastern and we’ll start off with a half hour of Q&A followed by quiet coworking and finished off with a bit of social time. I’ll take questions about my most recent writing class, general writing topics, and more. Occasionally we’ll have […]

Interviewing Experts with Ariela Housman

February 22, 2022— 8 to 9:30pm Eastern

Mary Robinette hosts an interview with an expert in their field once a month for her $25 Patreon supporters. The topic rotates depending on the guest’s area of expertise. Mary Robinette will interview the guest as if she were preparing to write something featuring their job – which means interesting jargon, behind-the-scenes challenges, and unexpected […]

Patreon Online Writing Class

February 28, 2022— 8 to 9:30pm Eastern

Mary Robinette teaches classes, once a month, for her $25 Patreon supporters. The topic rotates, depending on what folks want to know about. Become a backer and join in!  
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