Trial Over

I just got the word that they are going to keep me. Whew. It was pretty informal. Raymond, the producer, came in and asked Jodi if they liked me, and then asked me if I liked them. Then he asked Jodi to step into the hall and apparently said “She seems nice.” He told Jodi that he’d work on my paperwork. So I guess I’m here for five months.

Which is good, since I’m finally adjusted to the time zone. I went to bed at 10:30 last night and woke up at six this morning. I usually need seven and half hours of sleep when I’m rested, so this felt pretty good.

I also, finally, got to puppeteer today. I was the live arms for Sarah while she was manipulating Trixie. I also did live hands for Jodi. I’ll be the default for three of the kid puppets because my hands are smaller than Raymond’s. Raymond is the other assistant puppeteer.

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