Mom, Dad and I drove out to Skaftafell National Park–about three and half hours out of Reykjavik–to see a glacier. On the way we stopped at Seljalandfoss and got drenched by the mist when we tried to walk behind the waterfall.

The landscape on the way there is absolutely stunning. This was out the left side of the car; the ocean was out the right side. The tiny white dots are sheep, and I fully expect a hobbit to appear at any moment.

The road to the glacier was a wild and varied landscape. We passed through a dessert of black sand, which blended into a terrain of moss that looks as if it were constructed of green plush throw pillows. Finally we arrived at Skaftafell to see the glacier.

Now, it is really hard to convey the scale of this so look carefully at the left side of the picture. Do you see Mom and me? We aren’t even a third of the way to the glacier.

Dad took a picture of me…

…taking this photo.

And here we are, walking on the glacier. The foreground is dark because the glacial silt is exposed and is all ground-up lava.

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