Patreon Event: Interviewing Experts with Gabriel Swiney, Space Lawyer, 8PM Eastern Tonight

January 18, 2022— 7PM CST to 7:50 pm CST

Mary Robinette hosts an interview with an expert in their field once a month for her $25 Patreon supporters. The topic rotates depending on the guest’s area of expertise.

Gabriel Swiney is an international space lawyer for the U.S. Department of State. He advises the United States National Space Council as well as Department of State officials on all issues relating to international space law. Gabriel works directly with the highest levels of U.S. Government space policymakers as well as with private space actors.

Gabriel represents the United States internationally in negotiations with foreign governments and works with senior policymakers to implement and shape U.S. space policy. He is the Head of Delegation for the United States to a space-law subcommittee of the United Nations. Gabriel drafted and negotiated the Artemis Accords, an international declaration that creates rules to govern exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond and which has been signed by fourteen countries and counting.

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