New Year’s Day 2011

The first day of 2011 was a very pleasant one.  Yesterday Rob and I stayed in and did a thorough cleaning of the apartment. This included moving furniture away from the walls and attacking the dust bunny colonies that were in hiding.

In the evening, we opened a split of a champagne from 1989. For a bottle that’s 22 years old, it showed quite well.  Very little bead left, and had oxidized but was still nicely balanced.

Today, I wrote a little, and did some more tidying. We had some friends over for low-key dinner of black-eyed peas, collards, pear relish, and cornbread. And champagne. Sue brought ginger butter to go with the cornbread, which was amazing.  Kelley had a nifty … bother I’ve forgotten what’s it’s called.  It’s got a nitrogen cartridge and makes foams.  She made a chocolate brandy foam that was like the world’s lightest mousse.  Very tasty.

I hope your New Year’s Day was as pleasant.

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