Midsummer Night’s Dream

Yesterday was a stunningly beautiful day; I did yardwork for the first time in ages and it felt great. There was this odd moment when I was working and realized that I was too warm. It took me a minute to make the next logical conclusion, that I could take my jacket off and be comfortable. It was just a lightweight thing, like you’d wear in Iceland on a warm day, except it was warmer here yesterday than I’d been in over a year.

-e- called and invited us down for porch food, though by the time we got down to her house the sun had set and the night had drifted toward cool. We elected to eat inside.

After dinner, we watched the 1935 Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Max Reinhardt, which serves as a backdrop for the audio book I’m working on now. Astonishingly, Puck is played by a 12 year old Mickey Rooney, who does an amazing job. I mean really. This is one of the best Pucks I’ve seen. I’m not going to try to match the truly freaky laugh he does, but you’ll have to trust me that this is a Puck that you would not want to meet in the woods at night.

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