May Update: Events, Workshops, and More

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This month I’m ushering in a lot of new. My newsletter has taken on a new name (The Mary Robinette Gazette), we’re introducing new Patreon tiers, and we have gorgeous new swag for you.

I’m also thrilled that my newest novel, The Spare Man, has been nominated for a Locus Award in the Best Science Fiction Novel category. Thank you to everyone who nominated it. Please consider casting your vote for The Spare Man if you are eligible.

New scenery is also on the menu this month. In fact, I’m traveling almost every single day. I’ll be everywhere from California to Germany, so be sure to take a look at my event schedule. If I’m stopping by your area, please do come and say hello.

    (Public Classes, Awards, and More)

    Patreon Bonus for May: Spare Man Swag!

    Get a mug! With Gimlet, the adorable Westie, on it! This special mug has the USS Lindgren logo from my latest book, The Spare Man, on one side and Gimlet on the other!

    Anyone who subscribes to my Patreon at the Live-Streaming Classes Tier or above in May (or any current members at that tier or above).

    Once you’ve been subscribed for 3 months your mug will be shipped to you.

    Banner with the title of class Mice Quotient with Mary Robinette Kowal at June 11th at 1pm eastern

    Upcoming Class: MICE Quotient

    June 11 at 1:00PM Eastern

    Learn about the simple organizational structure of the MICE Quotient. Pretty much every story, fictional or nonfictional, can be explained through this structure. During this session you’ll learn what the MICE Quotient is and how to make it work for you when writing.

    This virtual class will be held live, and a recording will be made available.


    The below events are open to anyone who becomes a Patron at a participating level. If the below sessions are of interest to you, you can head here to become a Patron.

    May Patreon Class: Prologues with Dongwon Song

    May 29, 2023 at 8:00pm Eastern

    Each month, I host a private writing class for Patrons at the Class Level. This month, I’ve invited DongWon Song, literary agent at Howard Morhaim, to talk about prologues. 

    Prologues are a hot button topic in writing circles. Folks love to hate on ‘em. But then why do we keep seeing them in stories over and over again? What’s the use of a prologue? How do you execute on one without it feeling formulaic, boring, or pointless? We’ll unpack some examples and talk through the care and feeding of a proper prologue.

    (Upcoming Events and Appearances)

    You can view my entire event calendar here, but below are some highlights from May and June.
    • May 5th – 6th in Berkeley, CA: Panel speaker at the Bay Area Book Festival. Stop by and say hello at one of my three sessions!
    • May 8th – 13th : Writing Excuses Retreat in Bear Lake, Utah (Sold Out)
    • May 18th – 20th in Berlin, Germany: Speaker at Metropol Con. Learn More.
    • June 2nd – 4th in Kansas City, MO: Guest of Honor at ConQuesT 54. Learn More.

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