March Recommended Reading List

Welcome to the start of a new post series! This is a new way for me to highlight books I’ve been enjoying and want to recommend to you all. I already post about these over at Twitter, but let’s be honest: if you’re not constantly sitting on social media and doomscrolling, those posts are easy to miss. Sure, there’s Goodreads and Bookshop, but sometimes it’s nice to have things in a nice, friendly little list you can look through at your leisure.

Further, since I’m often reading advance review copies for blurb purposes, this series will help highlight the books I read back before other readers could get their hands on them.

With no further ado… let’s get to the real stars of the show. The books.

The City in the Middle of the Night
by Charlie Jane Anders

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This was a completely fascinating, fully realized world full of deeply flawed characters. I loved the hope that came out of damage and also kept wanting to take Sophie and Mouth away and ply them with tea and warm blankets.

by Veronica Henry

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If you took the Night Circus and viewed it through the gaze of a young Black woman in the Great Depression, you might get Veronica Henry’s Bacchanal. Demons, lies, and secrets. This book is not an easy read, by turns uncomfortable and demanding that readers meet it partway. The journey is worthwhile.

The Forever Sea
by Joshua Phillip Johnson

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I can rarely remember being this excited for a debut novel. This was everything I wanted it to be. Wind-swept prairie seas, pirates, magic, and found families.

Secrets and Lies
by Selena Montgomery

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I love a book that makes me cry and a good romance always does that. Secrets and Lies is hot, vulnerable, and a thriller. I finished reading it and want to track down all of her other novels so I can get glimpses of Sebastien Caine before he goes to the Bahia. And THANK YOU for a heroine that’s a woman in STEM and completely kick-ass. I loved Dr. Lyda.

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