Jim C. Hines strikes a Pose (Women and Fantasy Covers)

Jim Hines makes a ton of intelligent posts and this is one that I think everyone should read. He talks about women and the way they are posed in fantasy cover art.

That’s not quite accurate… He poses as women on fantasy covers. Insight and hilarity ensue.

A while back, we had a discussion on the blog about the cover art for my princess novels. For the most part, I really like these covers, but they’re not perfect.

Now I could talk about the way women are posed in cover art … or I could show you. I opted for the latter, in part because it helped me to understand it better. I expected posing like Danielle to feel a little weird and unnatural. I did not expect immediate, physical pain from trying (rather unsuccessfully) to do the hip thing she’s got going on.

I recruited my wife to take the pictures, which she kindly did with a minimum of laughter.

via Jim C. Hines » Striking a Pose (Women and Fantasy Covers).

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