December 2023 Update: New Short Story Cohort

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It’s time for the last update of the year, and as I write this I can see a small herd of deer picking their way through our woods. We’ve been working on rewilding the property and it’s nice to see that sort of tangible result. 

Guppy is losing her mind, of course. 

As the year winds down, I have a few exciting announcements. You can read on for more specifics, as well as a special, festive hello from Elsie at the end.

I’m most thrilled to let you know that applications are open for my first Short Story Cohort of 2024. In this three month program, I’ll guide a group of six writers to write and polish three short stories for submission.

While virtual events remain in full swing, my in-person event calendar is winding down for the year. You can always view my entire event calendar here.

I hope the end of 2023 brings with it warmth and light.

(Public Classes, Awards, and More)

Short Story Cohort: Writing, Coaching, Critique, and Community

Short Story Cohort: Applications Open

Join a transformative three-month writing experience, designed to help you learn the craft of short stories while also generating new work. 

You will journey through this program with a cohort of 6 writers, gaining accountability, support, and camaraderie. 

Each month, you and your peers will have a critique session with MRK as you work to write three short stories and polish them for submission to markets.

This program is a small group experience, and admission is granted through an application process.

Applications Due: December 15th at 11:59pm PST

Complete Signed Glamourist Histories Set

Each of the Glamourist Histories books.

For the first time ever, I’m finally able to offer the Complete Glamourist Histories as a signed set. Of particular interest to collectors, the hardcover of Volume 2, Glamour in Glass, was printed without its first line. I will personally handwrite the first sentence into the book included in this set.

Looking for additional learning opportunities? 

Explore my on-demand writing courses.


NEW: Make Me Write Tier

Weekly Writing Sessions with Mary Robinette

Make consistent writing progress, every week. Designed for those who want a challenge to write regularly and for the ADHD brain, these sessions are built to trigger the four building blocks of hyperfocus: Novel, Urgency, Interesting, and Challenging.

December Patreon Schedule

As the year winds down, we have the following events lined up for Patrons. Keep in mind that your ability to access these events will depend on your :

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