A new Lady Astronaut story! Want to see some of the research?

Over at Tor.com, there’s a new story set in the Lady Astronaut universe. “Articulated Restraint” is set between The Calculating Stars and The Fated Sky.

This story happened because I got to visit the Neutral Buoyancy Lab to do some research for The Fated Sky. I wrote about the Top Five Really Cool Things I Learned at the NBL for Tor.com But there were way more than five really cool things, and more things than I could fit into the novel.

Or the short story. I took notes. A lot of notes. Many of which found their way, verbatim, into “Articulated Restraint” but the rest? I thought you might be interested in what caught my attention.

So for your perusal, here are:

  1. Six pages of handwritten notes
  2. 3000 words of typed notes
  3. Photos!
  4. Me, commenting on the actual spacewalk when the ISS crew did it.
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