2023 Public Writing Classes with Mary Robinette Kowal

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Take a deep dive into various writing topics, hand-picked by my Patrons. Whether you want to overcome writing barriers or learn how to end your story, these 2-hour classes will cover a single topic in depth.

All classes are taught via Zoom and cost $65 to attend*. They will be a two hour deep dive into the topic, with time for questions and answers. Go to my Eventbrite page here or check out the individual class links below to reserve your space.

Sunday, April 23rd at 3pm ESTBarriers to Writing

This class looks at what keeps people from writing. This is less about problems with the story and more about all the external things. It’ll cover environmental factors, mental health, and tricks for pushing past all of this to write. Register here.

Sunday, June 11th at 1pm ESTMICE Quotient

In this workshop, we learn about the simple organizational structure of the MICE Quotient. Pretty much every story, fictional or nonfictional, can be explained through this fairly simple organizational structure. Together, we learn how to make this structure work for you when writing. Register here.

Sunday, July 2nd at 3pm ESTMiddles & Try/Fail Cycles

Middles are often seen as the sagging portion of any story line, in reality most of any piece of writing is spent in the middle. In this workshop, we learn how to set up and depict interesting try-fail cycles for your characters. Register here.

Sunday, August 27th at 3pm EST Hiding Exposition in Plain Sight

In this workshop, we learn how to give our  readers all the information they need to know about the world we created, without drowning them in information. Together we learn the art of subtly expositing without showing our authorial hand. Register here.

Sunday, November 19th at 3pm EST Endings, How to Wrap Things Up

Very often, writers get to the two-third or three-quarter mark in a work and bog down, sometimes abandoning it to move on to something shinier. Why does this happen? It’s a place at which we move from raising questions for the reader to needing to answer them. This change in mode requires a different set of tools than the beginning of a story, while needing to appear part of a seamless whole. In this workshop, we’ll look at how to wrap up loose ends, decide which things we can leave dangling, and what elements make a strong closing sentence. Register here.

*Writing Workshop Grants: For each of my workshops I offer one or more seats for a person of color of a marginalized gender or sexuality, funded in part by my Patreon supporters. Head to the registration pages for more information.

If you are already a member of my Patreon at the Livestreaming Class, Teach Me All the Things, or Long Duration Mission levels, then you already have access to a recorded version of these classes in the archives.

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