Teaching at Writing Excuses Retreat in Minnesota

June 09, 2024 — June 15, 2024

Writing Excuses (Re)Generate Retreat 2024

Unlock Your Creative Process

Sometimes maintaining momentum as a writer is hard. We all experience times of drought, where the ideas won’t arrive and the words won’t flow. Or times where the busy nature of life simply blocks us from hitting our goals.

In either case, the answer often isn’t to push harder. It’s to pause, reset, and carve out dedicated time where you can simply be creative.

This summer, Writing Excuses Retreats invites you to nurture your creative process, unlock inspiration and find companionship among fellow writers.

For one week, hosts Mary Robinette Kowal, Erin Roberts, and DongWon Song, will guide you through a restorative retreat designed to help you ignite and nurture your creativity. The week will include interactive and collaborative workshops and classes balanced with plenty of free time to connect, write, brainstorm, or simply stroll the grounds of the retreat center.

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