Teaching at Writing Excuses Retreat Scotland

August 02, 2024 — August 07, 2024

Writing Excuses Scotland

Research, Writing, & Swordplay

Improve your writing skills while swinging swords, enjoying excellent food, and learning traditional Scottish dances.

One of the most exciting challenges writers face is the creation of rich, immersive worlds for your readers. To do this well, we often look to history.

Historical research can guide inspiration whether you’re writing an alternate history, a period piece, or a jumping off point for your own brand new science-fiction or fantasy world.

But conducting that research and integrating it into your story can be a daunting task.

You’re invited to join Writing Excuses (hosted by Erin Roberts and Mary Robinette Kowal) for a unique opportunity to learn how to conduct historical research and incorporate it into your writing—all while staying in a stunning Scottish manor.

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