Pikes Peak Writers Conference

April 23, 2021 — April 25, 2021

A 3-day fiction writing conference for writers of all levels, featuring workshops, acquiring editors/agents and well-known authors across a variety of genres. “Read More” for sign ups and additional information. I will be presenting three workshops and participating in two keynotes. Unfortunately, this will not be a free event, but I encourage you to take a look at the full calendar to see if it interests you! There are many authors participating, giving talks and workshops on a broad range of topics.

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My Appearances


How to Give an Effective Reading – Saturday, 12:30pm MDT

Keynote with Bowen Gillings.

How to Give an Effective Reading – Saturday, 3:00pm MDT

One of the things a writer is often called upon to do is to read their work. There are few things that can destroy a good story faster than a bad reading. At the same time, a really good reading can make an audience excited and drive sales. Short of a background in theater, how can authors improve their reading skills?

Spoken and Non-verbal Dialog – Sunday, 11:00am MDT

When people converse, they do so with more than just words. Body language, tone of voice, and societal context all play a role in understanding what a person means. In this workshop, we’ll use in-class exercises to explore how to get the most out of dialog.

Stressing Your Characters – Sunday, 1:00pm MDT

Everyone has multiple facets of their personality. Some of the most difficult decisions a character has to face are internal, such as the tug between work and family. Even if external circumstances are the catalyst, the conflict comes when a character feels like they will fail in some way. In this workshop, we look at how to pry at the parts of your character’s self-identity in order to create gut-wrenching conflicts.

Keynote Panel – Sunday, 3:00pm MDT

Panel with Laura DiSilverio, Reavis Wortham, and myself.

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