Patreon Class: Time-Shifted Unlocking Session

June 24, 2024— 2 PM ET to 3 PM ET

June Patreon Class

Time Shifted Unlocking Session

Our usual unlocking session, but six hours earlier to make it easier for people in Europe and Africa to join in.

In this session, we’ll pick four volunteers at random to help unlock a thing that the writer is stuck on. It might be plot, character, voice… The idea is to give you a chance to talk it out in a safe setting with guidance from MRK to help you get past the barrier and back to writing.

Each Patreon class will be recorded and the recording, slides, and any other class materials are made available to the Patreon members after the class. In addition, members at this level receive access to over 70 hours of previous lessons. Join at the Live-Streaming Classes level to come to class in June!

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