Online Class: Middles & Try/Fail Cycles

July 23, 2023— 3:00pm Eastern to 4:50pm Eastern

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Middles are often seen as the sagging portion of any story line, in reality most of any piece of writing is spent in the middle. In this workshop, we learn how to set up and depict interesting try-fail cycles for your characters.

Classes will be taught via Zoom. Classwork will be uploaded to a shared Google Drive folder visible only to you and your classmates. The class will be divided between lecture and exercise. The class is capped at 50 students.

Class requirements: You need an interest in writing fiction, but you do not need to have written or published anything yet. You also must be able to use Zoom on a computer. (Note: You don’t need a web camera, although they’re useful, but you do need a working microphone, the internet and some speakers so you can hear us.)

Writing Workshop Grant: In each of my short fiction classes, I offer one or more seats for a person of color of a marginalized gender or sexuality, funded in part by my Patreon supporters. For this class, I have two chairs reserved. This includes, but is absolutely not limited to, women of color, trans or gay men of color, nonbinary people of color, and more. If you are uncertain whether you are eligible, don’t self reject: fill out the application! To apply, simply fill out this web form.


Q: What’s the accessibility like?

A: It’s primarily a spoken lecture, with written exercises. Please let me know what accommodations you need.

Q: What timezone is the class in?

A: The classes are in Eastern time, so make sure you do the math for your own time zone. Here is a Time Zone Calculator.

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