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New Salt Hotel Built in Bolivia

In the antithesis of the planet in  “Salt of the Earth,” there are several places in Bolivia where you can stay in hotels made entirely from blocks of salt.

That’s right, the structure in the photo to the right is made from blocks of salt. Blocks. I know salt isn’t a particularly rare commodity on Earth but this still boggles me a little.

Check out the full article  about the New Salt Hotel Built in Bolivia

Salt of the Earth at Redstone Science Fiction

The new online magazine Redstone Science Fiction has my short story “Salt of the Earth” up on their website today. Here’s the teaser!

Melia adjusted Dora’s salt-suit, feeling as if it were futile because the two-year old would have the sweatband off her head the instant Melia’s back was turned. She caught her daughter’s hand reaching for the soft, green mesh. “No. You have to leave that on.”

Dora twisted away from Melia and pulled the sweatband off. “No.” She threw it on the ground and reached for the high thin turtleneck that caught the sweat from her face.

Melia’s ex-husband, Theo, leaned against the doorway, waiting to take the children to his house. “Just let her leave it off.”

“Daddy!” Dora toddled to her father with her arms raised.

Theo scooped Dora up, ignoring Nikolas, who seemed oblivious as he rocked in place, staring at a sunbeam on the wall.

Melia’s smile felt tight. “We don’t waste salt.”

Read the entire story, Salt of the Earth at Redstone Science Fiction and don’t forget to check out the other stories and fiction in the issue.

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