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The slaughtered lamb

1231439383446_0.jpgHere are the much delayed and often promised pictures of the finish work on the lamb. As you might remember, I had to make significant changes to the taxidermy form. Once that was finished, I began covering the lamb with lambskin. I looked for a good fake fur version, but could only find them in black. Even from a distance, the fur is frequently the thing that gives the animal away, so I often wind up using real furn. This isn’t a pelt, mind you, so it isn’t shaped like a lamb. This means that I have to piece it together on the taxidermy form. Here I’m working on the leg and pinning the fur in place with thumbtacks while the glue dries.

20090110113358_0.jpgAs I work my way around the head, you can see both the foam taxidermy form and the way I’m piecing the skin together.

20090110120409-1.jpgOnce it is in place, I have to press the skin into the seam of the mouth. To orient you, the two divets above my fingers are the lamb’s nose. I widened the mouth area in the foam to allow space for the thickness of the skin. I’m using small nail to force the skin into place.

20090110123948_0.jpgHere’s the lamb’s face with the fur in place, but untrimmed.

20090110140210_0.jpgI’ve trimmed the fur, but not yet installed the eyes or finished painting it.

20090114102223_0.jpgAnd here it is, completed and in the position that the director wanted it to be in for the show.

Ironically, during previews, the lamb was cut from the show. This happens sometimes with new plays, but it always amuses me when it does, because it is inevitably the most expensive prop.

Making the lamb

Removing the rodsTo begin, I need to take the rods of the taxidermy lamb form that I’ve ordered. These are intended to make it easy to mount the lamb on a board, but I won’t be doing anything like that. It will be laying in the back seat of a car, partially in a bag.

1231382684603 Next, I notch the foam at the shoulder to give me room to bend the front leg. I want the lamb to be lying down instead of standing, so I have to reshape it slightly.

1231383533818Including cutting it in half so I can rotate the hips. In a real animal, the spine would follow suit, but here we just use a hack saw and some good old fashioned bamboo skewers. I’ve also cut off one of the hind legs so I can reposition it.

1231383659342Because this won’t need to move ever, I just taped it into place while the glue is setting. It’s like a cheap version of papier mache. I also used a rasp and a knife to take the hard edges off where I cut the lamb.

Lamb formAnd here is the lamb assembled, with head, and ready to be covered with its skin.

Twitters for 1-7-2009

  • 10:33 Excellent. Dropped off the compost and picked up the RC car for the lamb bag. The day is off to a good start. #
  • 11:04 I just found twenty euros on the ground. Keen. #
  • 11:42 Lamb skin acquired. It is a beautiful thing #
  • 21:19 The steel rods in the lamb’s legs are a major pain. Fortunately I have a dremel tool and a pile of cutting wheels. #
  • 22:58 Note: Searching for “lamb face” will get you very different image results than “lamb head.” #