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Happy update on Rob’s hands

He got the stitches out today and the doctor said that everything looks good. Rob had a physical therapy appointment to get some exercises to help keep the area limber.  One of the instructions is to massage the area with lotion three times a day to keep any scar tissue from stiffening.

He’ll have a follow-up appointment in 8 weeks to see how things are going and then he’ll be able to schedule the surgery for the other hand.

And yes, the Giant Block of Foam is resting comfortably.

Frankenstein handEdited to add: Rob is home now and I actually got to see the scars. They aren’t as Frankensteinish as they look.  The dark lines are the magic markers used to indicate the incisions and stitch location.  The actual work is very tidy and looks like it will leave minimal scarring.  The spot in the palm was for the carpal tunnel. The work at the base of the fingers was to relieve some tendonitis issues there.

Apparently, the surgeon says that Rob is farther along than most people at this point.  He can make a fist, albeit not a completely clenched one, and most folks can just curl their fingers inward a little.

Rob is also pleased because he can wash dishes again.

Rob is out of surgery

I just talked to the doctor who said that the surgery went well. They’ll take me up to see him in a bit. He is reportedly awake and resting comfortably.