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A giant fish

I went to Lewis and Clark College today to meet with Jonathan Gibson, who has written an opera called Carp and Diva. I will be building the carp. Afterwards, I biked over to meet Rob and Wayne at the tennis courts and then we came home.

I had a couple of funny moments on the bike. I bought new clips for the pedals, which hold my feet firmly in place for improved efficiency. I haven’t used them before, and there’s a special way you have to remove your feet or you stay firmly afixed to the pedals. It’s very, very easy to take your feet off, you just twist your heel out. But if you aren’t used to it, you can fall over when you come to a stop. Which I did. I didn’t hurt myself, since I was warned that it would happen. I just pitched over on the ground and laughed. It confused the pedestrians I think.

Cast Party

Chris Parks took us all out to dinner at Conte’s. Dave and I are going to unload the truck of some items and then meet up with the rest of the cast for an evening of Fisherman, Djinn and Tonics.

The Hudson Room

This is where I escape when I want quiet while I write. It has a nice view of the lava fields and a secluded corner next to the fish tank. It’s very cozy and I can write without interuption till I’m called on set, or, as today, my computer battery dies.

It has a nice view of the lava fields and a secluded corner next to the fish tank.

Too short

I clearly need to find a way to spend more than two days up here. I woke up around nine a.m. because I was rested. The house is very quiet; the only sound I can hear is the sound of the waterfall. I wrote for a little. Bernd made apple pancakes, which were delicious and beautiful. We decided to go for another walk before heading to the workshop.

There’s another waterfall that you can just see as a dark spot in the first photo, but we walked up till we were parallel with it. Later in the winter these rivers and waterfalls will be covered over with ice and snow so there won’t be any sound at all.

I flew home (a forty-five minute flight to the local Reykjavik airport) and walked home from the airport. It was about a half-hour walk, with the northern lights blazing overhead. When I got home, I heated up some fish and moss soup that I’d made on Friday and sat in my living room, with the lights off, watching the northern lights.