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Short bits for today

Sorry for another day of twitter only. It was long and it’s late and I’m tired.

  • 01:04 I’m at home after a day running around at the theater. #
  • 14:29 I think I’ve done the last of the paperwork props for this show. Now to make the music of the spheres device. #
  • 18:11 I arrived at the theater and there was a fire alarm going off. The fire department just arrived looking bored. #

Fire in space

For a story I’m writing, I needed to know what kind of fire extinguisher would be on a space ship. Which lead to this NASA article about fires in space.

It’s chock-full of interesting things, such as:

In microgravity, there is no buoyancy, so instead of a tall yellow flame on a candle, for example, you’ll see a smaller, blue flame centered on the wick.

Vino, Art, and Battleships

We just returned from the winebar Vino, run by Rob’s old chum Chuck Furuya. May I say, that if you are in Honolulu and want to have a nice range of wines and a pleasant evening, go to Vino. We’re hoping to take Rob’s folks back to the main restaurant, Hiroshi’s on Saturday.

We also went to the Honolulu Academy of the Arts today, which is always gratifying. They had an exhibit on Wearing Propaganda which dealt with the textiles surrounding WWII in Japan, Britain and the US. Very interesting stuff which will doubtless turn up in a story at some point. I mean, I don’t think I’d ever thought about how the textile designs of a region would be affected in a time of war.

It was particularly intersting because we had gone to see the USS Arizona Memorial yesterday. We can see the memorial from Rob’s folks’ window, but I knew embarrasingly little about it. I knew it was a memorial to a battleship that went down during the attack on Pearl Harbor, but I didn’t realize that it was the final resting place for over 1000 people. Learning this during a film right before going out to the ship was, um, a little unsettling. My expectations had been based on my previous experience with touring a battleship in Wilmington. To say the least that visiting a battleship which has been decommisioned is nothing like visiting one that sank under fire with her crew. I was not prepared. Nor was I prepared for the film with footage of the ship exploding. Definitely go when you visit Oahu, but just know that you are visiting a graveyard.

I think that catches you up on the past two days.

Bad Idea #2

Take an oil lamp. Light it. This oil lamp can not be tilted in any direction or the flame will “jump.” Which means that oil will pour out of the lamp in a stream of fire. Hand it to a puppeteer to hold over the head of two other puppeteers.

Now make it leak.

Who thought this was a good plan?

Things that are bad ideas, #1.

Take a rod puppet. Now put a cup in its hand. The cup is plastic, so you can’t pin it to the puppet’s hand. You must hold it in place with a complicated arrangement of thread and tape. Be warned though, that despite your best efforts the cup will shift positions every time the puppet moves.

Now, put fire in the cup.

Happy Fourth of July!

Alberta Cooperative GroceryTo celebrate, I thought I would share some pictures of my neighborhood back home. A friend took these a few days ago and sent them to me, I think as a way to tempt me back to Portland, OR. This is the cooperative organic grocery store that is three doors from our house. I miss being able to walk down, in the middle of cooking, to get whatever ingredient I had forgotten. I miss the Reed’s Ginger Ice Cream that they have and the beautiful seasonal produce.

My Front Porch
Here is our front porch, looking south. We never spent much time on the porch, because our street is on a bus line and faces west. In the evenings, after the sunset and I wanted to cool off, I would sometimes sit on the porch and write. I do miss walking out the door and seeing our roses. We could hear the fireworks downtown from the porch on the fourth, but not see them. But, upstairs, on the landing, we could see the fireworks in Vancouver. There was just space between the big cedar tree and our neighbor’s house.

Purple Smoke Bush And here is the view that I would see on my way home in the summer. Eve convinced me to buy the purple smoke bush, knowing that it would go beautifully with the roses that were already in the yard. You can’t see it, but over to the right are some wine barrels from Bethel Heights which we planted strawberries in. There are few things better than fresh strawberries, picked and eaten in the warm sun.

Happy Fourth of July

I went with Jodi, Sam, Sarah and Jonathan to a Independence Day party on a rooftop terrace on Broadway and Chambers, overlooking town hall. We were level with the fireworks. When they began it was really amazing, but quickly became comic. Because we were so far off the ground, we wound up getting all the smoke from the fireworks, so we frequently couldn’t actually see them, just muli-colored clouds of smoke.

It was still fun.

Fire Drill

I had to run out to the studio tonight to pin together a piece for Martha to stitch tomorrow. When I got there, I turned on the florescent lights and immediately heard a crackling sound followed by a burning smell. Yikes. I turned them off and turned on the flashlight that Rob had brought from the Boeing Surplus Store for me. No flames, no smoke. The smell continued to be bad. I called the building manager while the smell proceeded to get worse. He didn’t answer his cell phone, so I finally called the non-emergency fire department number to ask for advice.

They said that the only way to make certain that had not started an electrical fire was to send a team out to check. Moments later–I mean really, I had time to walk to the front of the building–a fire truck pulled up and four members of the fire department trooped inside.

One of them said, “Looks like Little Shop of Horrors,” and then, “Does it always smell like this?”

The consensus was that it was a light ballast gone bad, but that I’d done the right thing by calling to be certain. Whew.