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Kinko’s again

4:36 a.m. I have printed the Irvington Home Tour Program Book minus three ads, which I cannot open. I will continue working with their designers during the day to find a way to get their ads into the program. But, at least we can proof everything else.


We closed the workshop and everything went great. Chris is doing a rewrite of the script. Emily and I will begin to design in earnest after that.


The workshop performances of Arabian Nights continue to go well. I’m happy with the twist that I added to the design last night and I showed my rough sketches to the gang. They all seem to like them. We’ll see if it works as I start to get into the nitty gritty details.

Oh. Mom and Dad did finally make it home today.

Late Arabian Nights

Well, I’m having fun working on this, but it’s like making the world’s largest set model. I’m designing everything at full-scale, which is kind of wierd. But okay, I guess. Here’s one of the drawings I did last night. Sorry it’s fuzzy, I’m tired and didn’t feel like taking another one.

Washington again

I don’t like this airport. Or at least, I don’t like Concourse G. It is a warehouse that seems designed to hold cattle more than people. Ick. But my flight is not cancelled even though it is snowing here. Tally ho!

Hitting the wall

Emily and I had a breakthrough yesterday, but then today I felt like I ran smack into a wall of creativity. I finally realized that it had two causes. 1) I was trying to design and build the show at the same time. 2) Emily tends towards abstraction in her design while I tend towards naturalism. These two tendencies work really well when we are working together, but when we are working on pieces separately then they clash. It’s very interesting. Anyway, around ten o’clock I finally understood what I wanted to make happen with one of the tales (Abu Al Hassan)and it fits with Emily’s vision. Hurrah. We’re meeting with Chris around noon tomorrow to work out Codadad which has been giving us fits.

A brief recap

The design work is going well although Emily and I are both exhausted from the long hours. She had her wisdom teeth pulled a couple of days before I got here and it was a major job. (I, of course, will not go into the gory details here.) She went into the surgeon today and he said, “This isn’t healing as fast as it should. What’s going on in your life?” She told him our schedule and he told her that she had to get more sleep.

We’re at this strange point where we feel like we’re making really good progress but also keenly aware that we don’t have enough time. Fortunately Chris is really understanding and helped us revise our schedule so that Emily and I can get some rest. Yay.