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High Museum

We drove down to Atlanta early so that we could go to the High Museum and see the Andrew Wyeth exhibition. He has long been one of my favorite artists.

Christmas Eve

The festivities went off without a hitch last night. Twenty-three relatives in one house for dinner.

The Menu
Oriental Napa Cabbage Salad
Angel Biscuits
Rice and Shrimp Curry
Cranberry Congealed Salad
Butternut Squash with Apples and Currants
Pomegranate Garbanzo Bean Salad
Spinach Artichoke Casserole
Brandied Fruit
Carrot Casserole
Corn Pudding
English Toffee

The crazy thing is that I feel like I’m forgetting a menu item, and I’m not even mentioning the appetizers. Afterwards we sang Christmas Carols and played a Christmas Mad Lib. (Thanks, Ben!)

Yuletide woes

I had to go to the mall today.

Surely, that explains all of the horror without further detail, so I may go onto the pleasant things.

Steve and his family arrived during the night and somehow managed to get a teenager, a proto-teenager and a three year-old into the house without waking anyone. Now that, is fine parenting. This morning Rob and I went downstairs to the smell of pancakes cooking and Mom bustling around the kitchen. She is a non-stop cooking machine.

Well, almost. She did consent to go to Couch’s Barbecue for supper. I don’t think it had anything to do with being tired, I think it was a decision based entirely on having no where to put anymore leftovers. At dinner we gave Katherine her birthday presents. I think, and it’s hard to tell with fifteen year olds, that she liked the jacket that Rob and I gave her.

That was part of my mall activities today. I finally resorted to going into a store, Wet Seal, and saying, “Help. Fifteen-year old niece. I see her once a year and I’m clueless about what teens are wearing these days.” I felt like such a fogey and I’m nowhere near the right age for that.

After dinner Mom, Rob and I tackled prep work for dinner tomorrow. While we did that Dad, Steve and Rob did a mini-beer tasting. I’m very impressed that my husband managed to taste beer and help in the kitchen. Everyone else went to the basement to watch The Grinch. Had it been the original, I would have joined them.

Now, I just need to finish wrapping gifts, a feat which is complicated by the fact that our box o’presents has not arrived from Portland. I will be very put-out if my party favors arrive after the party.

Cinnamon Bear Cruise

The Cinnamon Bear was a holiday radio show in 1937 that began in Portland, OR. The Cinnamon Bear went on to become a costume character at Lipman-Wolfe and other department stores around the country during the holiday season.

The Portland Spirit has revived this Portland tradition with a cruise. So, dressed as Raggedy Andy, I spent two hours surrounded by children and their families. I did my standard bussing of tables but I also did magic tricks. It’s a little embarrassing, but I actually enjoyed it. I’m exhausted, but making a handkerchief disappear and pulling it out of kids’ ears was fun. But did I mention the exhaustion part? It was like doing a two hour stage show without ever being allowed to go off stage. Exhilerating and punishing at the same time.

Next week we are doing two of them, back-to-back. I’m terrified.

Physical Therapy weapons

In Physical Therapy we’ve moved to strengthening exercises, which is good because it means that my shoulder is stablizing but it is kicking my hiney. Mostly we’re doing theraband exercises and weights but today I was introduced to the Bodyblade.

It looks like some bizarre martial arts weapon suited to ninjas. To use it, you have to shake it back and forth so that the ends wiggle. Apparently this requires a stable shoulder. I felt so inept while I was trying to get this thing to go. But if I keep working, then maybe someday I’ll get to be a ninja.

Arabian Nights

I spoke with Buck, the fellow who will be building the Arabian Nights set over at McCarter today. I redid some drawings today, nothing major, just to make things clearer. I have to send a whole bunch of drawings out there by Monday.

Underneath the Lintel

I saw Portland Underneath the Lintel by Glenn Berger, with Eve and absolutely loved it. (Thank you Lance, for the tickets!) The Librarian discovers a book in the return slot that is 113 years overdue. In his efforts to find the offender, he becomes convinced that he is on the trail of the Wandering Jew.

This was really compelling and Time Winters did a marvelous job as the Librarian. One hour and fifteen minutes alone on stage and he held my attention for every minute.

In addition to the play, Eve introduced me to Pix, a fantastic patisserie on Division. Oh heaven. We had a Chocolate Ganache tart with Pear and Rosemary. So delightful. Can you tell that I liked the place?

Cellar Club Harvest Party

Bethel Heights has a cellar club and invite them to a harvest party every year. This year they tried something different, and actually had a meal instead of just taking them through the winery. It seemed as if the event went off very well. I helped out some, but had to keep my left hand in my pocket to remind myself not to pick things up.

It looks like Rob will get to come home tonight. Cross your fingers for me.

Physical Therapy

My physical therapist is wonderful. She’s very gentle and listens to what I’m saying–which should be part of the job, but I had a bad experience a couple of years ago. We’ve got some very simple exercises to bring my range of movement back but the amazing thing is that none of them hurt. In fact, pain is a sign that I’m doing them wrong. My shoulder seems to only hurt if I engage its muscles, but if some other force manipulates it then it’s fine. So I’m, in effect, puppeteering my own arm through a variety of different positions.

I go back for another bout on Tuesday and then a doctor’s evaluation on Wednesday.

Talking to Steve

My brother is in the USA! I actually spoke to him for a good five or ten minutes today. He sounds the same as always, no accidental British accent or anything. If he had started talking about cricket I would have worried.

LazyTown called

The last rumor we had heard suggested that the start date was being pushed back until March. It’s been frustrating trying to make plans. But today! Thora, from LazyTown, called and said that we will be starting in January. She said we’ll start shortly after the New Year. Hurrah.

Sesame Street is having auditions

A lot of you already know about this–and thank you to everyone who sent me a copy of the notice–Sesame Street is having auditions for a new female character. This is extremely rare. I sent my resume in and have been granted an audition spot.

Fortunately, it’s in Seattle, so I don’t have to go haring off across the country again. I’ll be up there for my audition at 4:00 on Tuesday so start thinking positive thoughts. Meanwhile, I have two songs and two scenes to memorize.

Arabian Nights scene pieces

Besides working at the Portland Spirit, I have finally sent off the drawings for Arabian Nights. Here’s a sample.

Nouranihar cart
The idea is that we have a two part cart that can be wheeled on and off as one unit, but can also split and expand. The pieces for Scene 1of Nouranihar slip in between the pieces for Scene 2, using tracks much the same way we did for the mockup of Abu Al Hassan.

I think the first two layers of Scene 1 would not need to be in tracks, because they would not have Scene 2 pieces directly behind them. (See elevation drawing for idea on how the individual scenic elements would be constructed.)

[I’m not going to post that drawing]

Funky bike

For reasons I didn’t have time to investigate, my bike started making a tic, tic, tic sound on the way to work today. So I would up having to take the bus down. It was an easy ride, but I was fairly stressed by the time I arrived because I was late. Fortunately, the cruise was very easy.

Rob is working tomorrow, but I’ve got the day off. I had requested it because we planned on having a garden party, but then he got this gig. Ah well, I could use the time to catch up on things, like, oh, bicycle maintenance.