Writing & baking fiend

The last two days I’ve been writing and baking. Well, actually the baking only happened today, but I made a Breton butter cake and a batch of Almond macaroons.

Here are the first thirteen lines of the story I wrote today. It’s only 500 words, and I’d be happy to send anyone the rest if they want it.

Beauty Will Come
      Queen Reine stared out the window, wishing the scene below were normal. Her son, Armel, lounged in the courtyard, laughing with his friends. The young men leaned away from him slightly, as if afraid he might break into one of his rages. Only his title, Prince of Laorea, kept them from fleeing his unruly temper.
       She turned to his Fairy Godmother. “Can we do nothing?â€?
       Dieudonné shook her head, “I said only that his trouble is not magic-based. He is not cursed, but it is possible that a curse may be his cure.â€?
       “How say you?â€? Reine fought to keep the hope from her heart.
       Flexing her wings, Dieudonné looked uncomfortable. “These rages govern half his life. I can not diminish them, but I can remove the intervals between.â€?
       Reine’s hope died. “How is this a cure? Without those intervals in which he is himself, his bestial nature would rule him.â€?

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