Write to Jane or Vincent during The Month of Letters Challenge

The Month of Letters Challenge begins tomorrow. Last year, on a whim, I said that people could write to Jane, the main character in my novels. It turns out that this is a really Jane Vincent letter astronomyexcellent writing exercise because it causes me to think about all the in-between parts of her life because I’m sending them “real time.” That means that I have to think about what Jane was doing on February 1, 1816. And on the 2nd, and on the 3rd… As authors, we do spend a lot of time world-building and thinking about different aspects of our characters but it tends to revolve around plot. It was sort of nice to let go of plot completely and just let life happen.

So this year, I decided that Jane and Vincent would both be available for correspondence. The letters will fall in between the events in Glamour in Glass and Without a Summer. That means definite spoilers for Glamour in Glass.

I will tell you, as a teaser, that they will be writing back to you with an actual quill pen on a writing slope from the 1800s. The letters will be “Real time” for them, in that they will be coming from February, 1816.

The one thing I ask is that you don’t refer to either book when writing to them. You don’t need to write in character — though feel free to — but there’s no way to fit the existence of the novels into Jane’s worldview, if that makes sense.

Now, since there is a slight spoiler for Glamour in Glass in the address, I’ve got that hidden for the sensitive souls. They are currently visiting Jane’s parents at Long Parkmead and I will forward the letters to them.

Spoiler Inside: Jane and Vincent's address SelectShow

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