Stone witch face

Stone WitchThe third witch is supposed to look as if she’s made of stone. I began with blue foam and roughed it out as if I were actually carving stone. The clay on the face is to give an example of what she would look like if she were wearing a mud mask as a disguise.

Stone face piecesI paper-mached the pieces separately and then put a base coat of acrylic and spraypaint on the pieces. When I sprayed the pieces, I kept the black can very low, in relation to the pieces, so it only hit the high points with paint. This creates an illusion of shadows that are softer than what I can do with a brush.

Painted stone faceAnd here she is glued together and painted. The designer, Michael Schupbach, wants her to look like she has gold inside, so I’ve painted the deep cracks with gold glitter paint.

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