Physical Therapy and a reward!

Well, the two things aren’t related, but I feel like they are. I had my third PT session today. Some of the exercises I’m doing at home seemed to be making things worse, and I had tried backing off, but we decided to cut them for the moment. So I have some gentler ones to do. I spend an hour and a half there, being prodded and repositioned. Today I leaned on walls doing isometric exercises to try to build strength with out placing stress on the arm. I also got ultrasound therapy–yep. Last time they tried to heal me with electricity, this time they tried shooting sound into my arm.

What’s next, wind?

But, you haven’t heard the best of it yet. When I got home, the postman came with a box from Hawaii. Somehow my angel of mercy knew that I needed something sweet and sent a box of cookies. This is Rob’s mom, for those who are puzzled. And cleverly, she put the cookies in two equal bags. One for Rob and one for me to hide. I love my husband, but he has the most amazing sweet tooth and his mom’s cookies are really good.

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