Last antibiotic

Whew. I took the last of the antibiotics this morning and I’m so relieved. I mean, I’m planning on going to Norwescon and would have been severely handicapped when hanging out in the bar. Not that there aren’t other reasons to go to the con, but that’s prime social time. It’s not like I’m a heavy drinker, but I do enjoy a social cocktail or glass of wine–my husband is in the wine business, y’know? The funny thing is, that it’s not unusual for me to go weeks without drinking anything stronger than ginger ale and not even notice. But to have it suddenly become forbidden territory made it strangely desirable all the time.

I met a lovely group of writers tonight for writing (which at 1496 words was great) but did I join them for dinner and a drink afterwards? No. Though it was tempting, especially when Jay Lake passed me in his genre car. And why didn’t I? Because there is nothing quite like biking while intoxicated, even a little bit, to let you know exactly how much alcohol plays havoc with ones balance. Thank you, I’ve had that experience once and it was the most frightening ride of my life.

So. Norwescon will be a dandy place in which to rediscover the delights of an aperitif. Or a whiskey Tom Collins. Mmmm…

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