Horseback Riding

Today I went on a horseback ride through part of the interior of Iceland. This was my first trip out of Reykjavik since I got here. Ásta (pronouced Owsta), the makeup designer at work, arranged the trip. She’s a pretty avid rider and owns two of them. The rest of us rented them.

The Icelandic horse is much smaller than horses in the U.S. or Europe. Some of them seem to be large ponies. They all use British saddles instead of the Western saddles that you see on most trail rides in the States.

This is my horse Nassi, which means ‘nose’ because he has a white ring around his nose.

The ride was about four hours long, but we stopped periodically so I didn’t get sore while we were out. Tomorrow might be different.

The scenery changed dramatically during the course of the ride. We were riding near, and then through, the place where the North American and Eurpean Techtonic Plates meet. It’s as if this river tips off the end of the world. You can’t see it in the photo, but the water had an aquamarine tinge to it like it had been dyed.

The land dropped off in the other direction and stretched out in a plane of moss covered lava. The landscape is at once cushioned and rough.

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