GIVEAWAY: Can you tell the difference between my writing and Scalzi’s?

Macmillan library has a quiz on their site, which I’m totally stealing since that one is  just for librarians, so if you aren’t a librarian, make a guess here. I’ll draw a name from the people who guess correctly and send out a trade paperback of Glamour in Glass. Let’s say you have until Saturday at noon EST to guess.

No fair googling the answer. Here’s

And because I’m feeling fangirly I’ve got a tricky, little quick draw pop quiz/galley giveaway for ya…

Is the following quote from WITHOUT A SUMMER or THE HUMAN DIVISION?

“[S]he was of the opinion that if one was going to issue an invitation, one should be prepared to have it accepted.”

I’ll send a galley of both books to the first librarian to correctly guess in the comments below! (One winner. U.S. only.)

If you ARE a librarian, go take your chances at Our #FridayReads + a Pop Quiz! | Macmillan Library.

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