GIVEAWAY: Can you tell the difference between my writing and Scalzi’s?

Macmillan library has a quiz on their site, which I’m totally stealing since that one is  just for librarians, so if you aren’t a librarian, make a guess here. I’ll draw a name from the people who guess correctly and send out a trade paperback of Glamour in Glass. Let’s say you have until Saturday at noon EST to guess.

No fair googling the answer. Here’s

And because I’m feeling fangirly I’ve got a tricky, little quick draw pop quiz/galley giveaway for ya…

Is the following quote from WITHOUT A SUMMER or THE HUMAN DIVISION?

“[S]he was of the opinion that if one was going to issue an invitation, one should be prepared to have it accepted.”

I’ll send a galley of both books to the first librarian to correctly guess in the comments below! (One winner. U.S. only.)

If you ARE a librarian, go take your chances at Our #FridayReads + a Pop Quiz! | Macmillan Library.

18 Responses

  1. Yvonne

    Hmmm, tricky. I have yet to read any of Scalzi’s work (it’s on my To-Read list along with a dozen other books), but it looks like something you’d write so I’m going to go with you.

  2. Agnes Gawne

    I have read your _Shades of Milk and Honey_ , and _Glamour in Glass_ many times and I do not think this is a sentence from a book that would follow them. Your heroine does not make assumptions like that. I will guess that it is from The Human Division.

  3. Peter Gunn

    I also will guess Scalzi, but only because in the style in which you right for _Glamour_, I’d’ve thought that sentence would be more concise, as in, “She was of the opinion that if one issued an invitation, one should be prepared to have it accepted.”

  4. - d -

    I’m going to have to admit that I haven’t read WITHOUT A SUMMER and nobody has given me a copy of THE HUMAN DIVISION but the sentance just doesn’t sound like you so I’m going with Scalzi.

  5. Athena Franco

    I’m going to guess Scalzi as well, just because my first inclination is to say you!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway/guessing game. :)