Current Fiction Efforts

I just wrote this up for a writer’s website, and thought you all might be interested in seeing what stories I have in the works.

Shorts In Submission

Some Other DayInterzone: Josie’s father managed to rid the world of mosquitoes when she was little. The unintended consequences still affect both the adult Josie and the world.

Trip, Trap, TrippingQuantum Muse: The three Billy Goats Gruff retold in a NY walk-up, with a single mother and her tap-dancing daughters as the goats, and the guy downstairs as the troll. (I want to do a series of these, but darn, where do I market them?)

This Little PigAsimov’s: Near-future. After the Oil Wars, private vehicles are largely considered taboo, but a young boy in the Netherlands covets a 1952 MG-TD. He starts work at a pig farm/methane factory where things go horribly, horribly wrong.

Coffee SensibilityStory House: A five part serial. Jane Austen in a Pacific NW coffee shop.

My Friend AnnaVestal Review: 63 word flash involving a tapeworm, bathtub and pregnancy.

Portrait of AriStrange Horizons: While pulling an all-nighter, an art major realizes that his girlfriend has been altering his memory to hide the fact that she is not human.

Horizontal RainLady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet: A New York contractor discovers that his job in Iceland is being held up because the crew believes in trolls.

BirthrightTalebones: Near-future flash. In a world with severe birth control regulations, a couple has to decide whether to give up their birthright in exchange for enough money to finish college.

Death Comes But TwiceGlimmertrain: Epistolary short. A Georgian-era Doctor has discovered a cure for death, but it only works for twenty-four hours.

A Hand in My ColonFull Unit Hookup: Bitter monologue by dying puppet.

The Promise of ChocolateAtoise: An unhappy single mother makes cupcakes for her son’s birthday. One of them contains cyanide.

Changed ItineraryApex Digest: UFOlogist is abducted by aliens.

Salt of the EarthWOTF: On a sodium-poor world, where every scrap of salt is saved, a salt merchant’s daughter is killed by a salt-overdose.

Awaiting Revision

Journey to the East: The Legend of the Monkey King YA Novel – Two American kids find themselves caught up in the oldest legend in China as they struggle to rescue their baby sister from the Bone Demon. (Book One in Series)

Virus Attached SF murder/mystery – Scott Huang and his AI partner Metta are trying to solve a murder, when Metta’s chasis (containing her memory) is stolen. She is rebooted from her last back-up, which occurred six hours previously. She and Huang must find her original version before the perpetrator can use it to hack into the police department and erase all evidence of his crime.

Works in Progress

Body Language : Near-future. Lena, a puppeteer, is called in to help solve a kidnapping because the only witness is eDawg, a toy for which she did the motion-capture work. The kidnappers demand that the ransom be sent in on eDawg, and Lena has to manipulate the puppet while pretending to be nothing more than a toy.

Waiting for Rain: In India, a farmer has beggared himself to pay for his daughter’s wedding and can no longer pay his weather bills.

Shades of Milk and Honey: Regency Romance, with fantasy. Magic is a woman’s art, like painting or music. Jane uses it to prove that Mr. Dunkirk is wooing her and her sister at the same time.

Good Housekeeping: Novel. Contemporary Fantasy. The Faerie Queen sent a human changeling, Grace, back to try to keep the old ways alive in the world. Grace uses the internet to manage a network of Goodwives who let brownies, elves and other housefolk live in their homes. But the Unseelie Court has decided to drive out all of the housefolk to diminish the Faerie Queen’s power. Grace has to try to save the Housefolk while adjusting to life as a human.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow! Girl! You have an active imagination and your premises all sound solid and intriguing. Keep it up! I am sure you will be a household name one day. I wish you well.
    (An interested bystander intrigued by your energy, positive attitude and talent.)