City Winery Winemaking Class: Introduction to Winemaking with my husband.

Want to meet my husband and learn the basics of winemaking? He’s teaching a class at City Winery Chicago, where’s he’s the winemaker, on January 23rd.

wine 101Meet the winemaker at City Winery!

The basics of winemaking with Robert Kowal, our resident winemaker extraordinaire.  Nestled in the midst of our winery, this class will cover the basics of winemaking from the vineyard to the winery, while tasting through a selection of City Winery crafted wines, as well as wines from our extensive restaurant wine list.

Swirl.  Sniff. Sip. We’ll guide you through the basics with an interactive,  geeky, ‘research’ intensive wine course.  Much tasting. And wine discussion.  Maps.  All the fun of wine, with some intricate details.  Practical knowledge.  We’ll share professional tips on what you really need to know about the vine, farming, fermenting grape juice, and the winemaking process, as well as how to utilize your  wine savvy in the real world.

Good times, wine friends.  Come on over  and get educated! From grape to glass, this guy will cover it all.

via City Winery Winemaking Class: Introduction to Winemaking, 1/23.

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