Allergies, writing, packing, soup and the computer.

My allergies woke me up around 5:30 by making the roof of my mouth itch. It drives me crazy. The bonus is that I was up early enough to bake a raspberry coffee cake before the day got hot. And I didn’t feel at all guilty about taking a nap in the afternoon.

I spent much of today writing, which felt good. It’s one of the stories that I had an accessible backup of, in part because I’d uploaded the beginning of it. Handy that. I now understand why Jay Lake says that he emails his writing progress to himself at the end of each day. Smart.

I also did some more packing, but that’s pretty much status quo these days.

For dinner I made a beet and cucumber gazpacho that is the most stunning color I’ve ever seen in a soup. We had a spinach avocado salad with creamy wasabi dressing.

There is hope for my computer and the files therein. I tried Rob’s recovery cd and the mouse worked! Huzzah. But it wouldn’t load all the way because it was for a sony and all proprietary and stuff. BUT that means that it’s almost definitely a registry/driver issue. I’m downloading a LiveCD version of Ubuntu, which should enable me to get the trapped files off the laptop. I had backed up two days before the crash, but the two days included a logo design and some serious novel revisions. I have pdfs of the logo, but not the native editable files, unless I can get back into my computer. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow, I’m making a carrot zucchini bread if anyone wants to stop by for a treat.

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