Free Fiction

Several of my short stories sold to online markets and I thought I’d list them all in one place.








In addition to those, I also have a sampler of stories that I put together when I was eligible for the Campbell award.  The challenge of being a short story writer is that much of my other short fiction was hard to find because it was no longer on the newstands when the nominations were announced. I pulled five stories out of my sales that reflected a range of the kinds of fiction I write.

You can download the .zip directory of stories or the mobipocket verision, kindly converted by Arachne Jericho.

This collection includes:
For Solo Cello, op. 12 — Originally published in Cosmos (SF)
Bound Man — Originally published in Twenty Epics (Epic Fantasy)
Death Comes But Twice — Originally published in Talebones (Epistlary 18th Century SF)
This Little Pig — originally published in Cicada (SF)
Cerbo en Vitra ujo — originally published in Apex Digest (Horror SF. Adult content)

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