Online Class: The Progression of Character Arcs

October 08, 2017—4 pm to 6 pm Central

Image for character arc class

Mary will be teaching an online class for writers about the Progression of Character Arcs on Sunday, Oct 8th from 4pm-6pm Central. Sign up here.


You know that you’re supposed to have a character arc, but what does that mean exactly? Sure, there are graphs out there but what are some practical tools you can use to execute that rising action?


In this two-hour deep dive on character arcs, we’ll take a look at how you can have your character change in a believable way. Students will receive a recorded copy of the lecture, homework, and have an in-class opportunity to ask questions specific to their WIP.


Classes will be taught via Zoom


Classwork will be uploaded to a shared Google Drive folder visible only to you and your classmates. The class will be divided between lecture and exercise. The class is capped at 40 students.


Class requirements: You need an interest in writing fiction, but you do not need to have written or published anything yet. You also must be able to use Zoom on a computer. (Note: You don’t need a web camera, although they’re useful, but you do need a working microphone, the internet and some speakers so you can hear us.)


WoC Grant: For this class, I have three chairs reserved for women of color. To apply, simply fill out this web form.




Q: What is Zoom?
A: Sort of like Skype but specifically geared for meetings. It is free to use and students will be given a login URL for the class. You will need to download the app, which works for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android. Though it does have a dial-in option, you will need to be able to see the screen for some exercises.


Q: What’s the accessibility like?
A: It’s primarily a spoken lecture, with written exercises. Please let me know what accommodations you need.